You could go find the tiniest bathing suit on the planet, but you would still end up with tan lines! With tan through bathing suits, shirts, and accessories from Cooltan you don’t need to reveal everything, and still get an all over tan, right through your bathing suit. Don’t waste your time and money in a cramped tanning booth anymore! Enjoy your time and have fun while getting your tan. No more driving to the beach and laying out for hours on end. Now get your tan any time you are outside. Whether you are out doing some gardening, taking a walk, or walking the dog, you can get that “all over tan” at the same time. Made from special fabric to allow the sun to pass through, it acts like a low spf sunscreen, giving you a mild layer of protection while getting the tan you want with no tan lines. At the moment, Cooltan is the only line of tan through clothes with fabric that actually lets the sun’s rays pass through the cloth, while others that try to mimic their success often are more see through than tan through. Go with the original! Get your Tan Through Bathing Suit from Cooltan today! Please click any of the images to be taken directly to the type of suits that interest you, and thanks for checking out
Please remember that while a suntan can be a beautiful and romantic part of your appearance, you should always use good common sense and caution when spending time in the sun. Too much sun can be harmful. Never allow yourself to get a sunburn if possible, and always keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids. A good sunscreen is always recommended as well.
Tan Thru Bathing Suits
Get a great looking tan right through your Bathing Suit!
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Suntan on the beach